Just put ’em on that huge stack marked “Obama Legacy” over by the shredder.

Via Daily Caller:

The Obama administration dropped nearly 1,500 pages of regulations on the president’s final day in office Thursday, completing a fury of regulatory action since the November election.

Government agencies must file final rules and proposed rules in the Federal Register, which has had a busy couple of months, The Hill reports.

“There is a huge increase in the volume [of rules we receive] toward the end of an administration,” Miriam Kleiman, a spokeswoman for the Federal Register told The Hill. The end of President Barack Obama’s administration has been particularly heavy on regulations, however.

The Federal Register published 1,464 pages of rules Thursday, which is only the second-highest number of pages since President-elect Donald Trump won the election. The government published 1,465 pages on Nov. 18, 10 days after the election.

“It certainly is a busy time for the Federal Register,” Kleiman said.

The cost of rules finalized and proposed earlier in January would cost $111.2 billion, according to American Action Forum, which tracks regulatory costs.

Trump plans to repeal any “job killing” energy regulations on first day in office (which he considers to be the Monday after the inauguration). Fox News contributor Judge Napolitano said Trump could immediately sign hundreds of executive orders on his third full day in office.

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