Really, Sen. Sanders?

We are worse than North Korea, China, Syria, Iran?

“Poverty” in our society is well-off in some other countries of the world, who don’t have ample food, televisions, cable, iPhones, etc.

There’s a reason that people still flee other countries to come to our shores.

Freedom and opportunity are powerful, and yes, compassionate, draws.

The United States is the also the most generous country on the face of the earth to other countries.

We are one of the only countries who rebuilds countries after we go to war with them, who gives financial aid to countries all around the world.

Perhaps Sen. Sanders needs a reality check visit to some places around the world.

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He could start by visiting places where Senator isn’t a career job that somehow enables someone to have three homes, including a nice lake house.

The United States has certainly been compassionate to someone who never held a real job outside of government…