Buzzfeed reported that intel officials had apprised Trump of the information, making it sound like they might have thought there was some legitimacy to it.

In fact, they never gave it to him but only had it available in case it was necessary to tell him how to spot a steaming pile of donkey dung.

Intel also said they have not found anything connecting Trump and Russia, a significant point that puts paid to the “Russia has somehow compromised Trump” story.

Via Daily Caller:

NBC News correspondent Cynthia McFadden reported Wednesday that President-elect Trump was never briefed on a “two-page addendum” alleging that the Russian government has damaging information on Trump.

In fact, McFadden further stated that the brief — published by BuzzFeed on Tuesday — was in fact an example of “what [U.S. intelligence officials] are calling ‘unvetted disinformation,’” designed to help Trump distinguish between “analyzed intelligence” and unverified reports.

“A senior U.S. intelligence official who was involved in the preparation for the meeting tells NBC that the president-elect was not briefed on this so-called two-page addendum of these allegations against him,” McFadden state. “It was part of the briefing materials available to the briefers, but it was not included because they believed it to be true. It was included for a different reason.”

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