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The Pasadena Police Department will lock down 56 streets near the Rose Parade this year with water barricades, police cruisers and armed officers in an attempt to prevent a truck attack similar to deadly incidents in Berlin, Germany and Nice, France.

Though no known threats exist, Police Chief Phillip Sanchez said the Rose Parade’s heightened and constantly evolving security is now the norm for the annual New Year’s celebration, which attracts hundreds of thousands from around the world. The parade, which is normally on Jan. 1, is on Monday, Jan. 2 this year due to the Tournament of Roses’ “never on a Sunday” rule.

“This will be very obvious to you when you arrive at the parade route,” Sanchez said Wednesday at a press conference detailing local and federal authorities efforts to secure the event.

Sanchez said the decision to use barricades is in response to previous incidents throughout the world.

In July, a terrorist killed 86 people in Nice, France after driving into a large crowd watching fireworks on Bastille Day. Then on Dec. 19, a man in a semi-truck struck and killed 12 people at a Christmas Market in Berlin. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for both attacks.

To prevent a similar attack in Pasadena, the city is closing off all 56 streets that connect to the parade route, Sanchez said.

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