How progressive and forward thinking of them.

Via Red Alert Politics:

Thought man-pons were only reserved for Comedy Central sketches? Think again.

This month, the Columbia University Student Council voted to launch a pilot program to distribute free tampons across campus — even in the men’s restrooms. According to the Columbia Spectator, tampons and pads will be installed in female, male, and gender-neutral bathrooms in 10 academic buildings as well as in the school library.

The move comes after the Columbia administration ended a pilot program that gave students the ability to pick up free tampons and pads at Columbia Health Services. The administration’s pilot program was terminated due to a lack of student interest.

Columbia students have been calling for administrators to offer free tampons for the past year.

“Columbia should pay for my period,” declared Barnard-Columbia junior Courtney Couillard in an op-ed earlier this year.

In her article, Couillard wrote, “Why can’t I find a free tampon in the bathrooms in [on Barnard and Columbia’s campus]? Why does the administration care about my sexual protective rights, but not how I handle my monthly menstrual cycle?”

Two Columbia seniors, Sophie Gorham and Ellie Wisnicki, demanded free tampons as well.

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