Work with me now, you racist people reading this, as I bring to you the thoughts of Leon Botstein, a professor (professors are always were you find the most insane positions).

What post-Trump white America has expressed by endorsing Trump’s campaign to “Make America Great Again” is not merely anger against elites in general but targeted resentment against the recent history of success by Americans of color. The racism in this year’s election was not about an older stereotype of the Willie Horton-type, but directed against Barack Obama. It is precisely the parity in the achievements of black Americans, those who have become CEOs, scholars, scientists, artists, doctors, lawyers and politicians—and now even president—that has fueled the resurgence of intolerance and anti-immigrant sentiment.

So you didn’t vote for old white Hillary because you racists don’t like the success of black men like Barack Obama. It wasn’t because she was a horrible candidate who violated national security and let men die in Benghazi. It isn’t because you have an issue with illegal aliens coming illegally or coming from areas where they may be terrorists mixed in amongst other people. It’s because you don’t like Barack Obama that you are ‘anti-immigrant’.

Hope that cleared it up for you…