It already is partisan, you hacks, that’s why the Democrats are pushing it.

It isn’t about Russian interference. Democrats could give a hang about Russian interference. Russians have been backing Leftist-pushed chaos and nonsense for decades.

There has been no evidence that Russia affected the vote and we were all told, incessantly, by mainstream media, that Russia hacked the DNC. So we altered factored that possibility into our decisions. Hillary still lost based on the fact that she was a horrible candidate and Trump presented a vision that she did not. Yes, should Russians be investigated if they did hack anything, yes, indeed, and there should be consequences.

But Democrats now are trying to use this to declare the election illegitimate, to invalidate the election or if not that, to lay the ground for the continuing opposition as a ‘patriotic’ duty. From people who for years have called out and questioned everything this country has done.

McCain and Graham have played right into their hands.