Democrats are flipping out now with the WaPo story claiming ‘Secret CIA assessment that Russia tried to influence Election for Trump’.

There have been no facts even suggesting that the vote was in anyway hacked or ‘rigged’. As Obama notes, the decentralized nature of the elections makes it virtually impossible to do it as a national effort.

Yet, we’re treated to an untestable amorphous claim from an official saying “CIA said” that Russians might have tried to influence the election to have Trump win, with no evidence as to what that might pertain, no evidence that it even has anything at all to do with the vote itself, right as the electors are getting ready to vote.

Moreover, this beat of Russian influence has been constant since the DNC hack. Yes, the Russians may(or may not have) hacked the DNC. People were aware of that. They gave it what wait they thought it deserved. It didn’t invalidate the information released which was true, and showed the DNC improperly trying to influence the election toward Hillary.

HT: Jack