Dems  claimed this was racist when Republicans made similiar statements.

Via Daily Caller:

Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, widely considered a frontrunner to be the next Democratic National Committee chair, says House Democrats will do nothing but “vote no” in the coming years under the new Trump administration.

Ellison, who has faced questions over whether he can juggle both working in Congress and rebuilding a depleted Democratic Party, defended himself at a party meeting on Friday by suggesting that working as a Democratic congressman won’t require much effort.

“I’m in the process of deciding this issue of whether I can perform both roles,” Ellison said, according to the New York Times. Referring to his work in the House, he said that “All there is to do is to vote ‘no’.”

Ellison then promised that “every other moment” not spent voting “no” will be devoted to his work for the DNC.

Whether Ellison can efficiently work both jobs is just one of several concerns raised about the Minnesota Democrat.

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