Wow, now that impresses me, that’s a truly bold move.

We threw Taiwan under the bus 37 years ago, despite our prior relationship and in favor of Communists. It appears that two can play at this game of ‘normalizing relationships’.

Via Business Insider:

President-elect Trump spoke with the president of Taiwan by phone on Friday, the Financial Times reported, in a move likely to infuriate Beijing and hinder US-China relations.

Trump’s spokesperson Hope Hicks confirmed the phone call in an email on Friday.

“President-elect Trump spoke with President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan, who offered her congratulations,” according to a readout of the call released by Trump’s transition team.

“During the discussion, they noted the close economic, political, and security ties exists between Taiwan and the United States. President-elect Trump also congratulated President Tsai on becoming President of Taiwan earlier this year.”

The call is the first time a US president has directly spoken with Taiwan’s leadership in more than 30 years. The US suspended formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan in 1979 after establishing a One China position in an effort to establish diplomatic channels with Beijing.

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How you know it’s a good move? Leftists are absolutely having a cow.