Jill Stein filed for a recount in Michigan on Tuesday. Today, Trump filed an objection, noting the following issues with the filing:

1. As the fourth-place finisher, Dr. Jill Stein is not “aggrieved” by any alleged fraud or mistake, and is therefore not entitled to a recount. .
2. A recount cannot be completed in time for Michigan to have its Electoral College votes counted.
3. The petition must also be rejected because it is not properly signed and sworn to by the candidate.

While Stein did claim to ‘be aggrieved on account of fraud or mistake’, she makes no showing of any fraud or how said fraud could have impacted her. The meaning of ‘aggrieved’, Trump’s lawyers argue means that she has a requirement to show how said fraud or mistake impacted her. She hasn’t said anything occurred which would truly justify the recount.

The problem then becomes that, as Trump’s lawyers point out, the time is short and there is a question of whether they can get a count done in time. Because they will need to employ many people on overtime and employ a lot of resources, the amount spent would not be covered by the nearly million dollar fee that Stein paid. It actually would cost the Michigan taxpayers millions more, according to Michigan officials. For no evidence let alone proof of anything amiss.

Finally, Trump’s lawyers argue that the Stein filing itself was not properly notarized. While Stein signed and had it notarized, it wasn’t with the proper notary language required in Massachusetts, the place it was signed, they claim.