We brought you the story earlier today, a Buzzfeed story written by Kate Aurthur going after the ‘Fixer Upper’ couple because of the beliefs of their pastor against gay marriage.

The article made the point that Chip and Joanna Gaines, the starts of Fixer Upper are–horrors!–church going Christians. The article tries to lay the pastor’s beliefs on them, by saying “we contacted them and they didn’t respond”.

The couple has become very successful. Perhaps too successful for some to leave alone without attack for their horrible Christian beliefs. Buzzfeed would like you to believe they were concerned about the whether or not gay couples ever be able get a ‘fixer upper’ on the show.

But here’s a tweet from that same author from about three days ago, her antipathy toward the couple because of her belief they voted for Trump.

You can see that whole elitist media thing in the conversation-‘those ignorant Christian middle Americans must have voted for Trump’!

Then boom, there came the article today. What a coincidence…