This has caused tremendous difficulty and upset to military members and their families.

Via The Hill:

California lawmakers are hailing language included in the final version of an annual defense policy bill that seeks to prevent the Pentagon from recouping bonuses from Army National Guard soldiers.

“The goal was to make it clear that California National Guard soldiers won’t be forced to unfairly repay bonuses promised for their service a decade ago and this bill accomplishes that,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) said in a statement.

“The language in the [National Defense Authorization Act] will ensure that the commitments made by [Defense] Secretary [Ash] Carter will be honored by the next administration, any money already repaid will be given back and that the Pentagon will help soldiers who face financial hardship fully recover from this ordeal,” she said.

Feinstein joined California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer and Rep. Adam Schiff earlier this month to introduce stand-alone legislation in both chambers to permanently ban the Pentagon from recouping bonuses paid to National Guard troops more than a decade ago.

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