Catch 22.

Via Tribunist:

Safe spaces have gotten so safe that even members of the groups they’re hoping to keep safe can be excluded for fear of triggering others. This was what happened earlier this month to San Diego Police Officer Christine Garcia.

Garcia was asked to leave a Transgender Day of Remembrance event even though she is transgendered. Why was she asked to leave? Because she showed up to the event wearing her police uniform.

Garcia had spent the day providing security for the Day of Awareness’s march. She was part of the team tasked with protecting the very people who would later turn her away. She was asked “to leave because her uniform could upset others in attendance,” according to the LA Times.

The irony gets more complex. Garcia had been on the 12-person committee that planned the Day of Awareness.

Garcia is San Diego’s only openly transgender cop, and is often celebrated for her willingness to fight for what she believes in.

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