Mexico needs the American money being sent back into Mexico.

Via Washington Examiner:

Mexico and three other Central American governments are scrambling to help citizens who are in the United States illegally avoid deportation under a Trump administration, warning them to avoid making “hasty” moves that might make them a target for ouster.

Foreign ministers of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras met this week to address concerns about President-elect Trump’s plan to deport illegals, mostly those with criminal records. Their goal: Calm the fears of illegals, help them avoid deportation, and keep the flood of money they send home going.

Mexico and Guatemala announced plans to expand immigration services at their dozens of offices in the United States.

In a joint statement directed the illegals in the United States, the nations of the “Northern Triangle,” El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, said:

“The foreign ministers made a call to Guatemalans, Salvadorans and Hondurans, to continue observing and respecting the laws of that country, to stay calm and not make hasty decisions that endanger their personal safety, carry the necessary documents and approach their consulates for services and consular protection.”

Some six million from those three nations live in the U.S.

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