Via Daily Mail:

Some Cuban-Americans are posting videos of their grandparents’ emotional reactions after hearing the news of Fidel Castro’s death.

Brian David Ramos, 17, didn’t waste a second when it was announced around 1am on Saturday that the controversial Cuban revolutionary had died.

Ramos immediately went to wake up his grandmother Flora Lorenzo, 84, at their Hialeah, Florida home so he could tell her the news.

The teen burst into his grandmother’s dark bedroom, turning on the lights as he yelled ‘Ita! Ita!’, a shortened version of ‘abuelita’, the Spanish word for grandmother.

‘Se muriĆ³ Fidel!’ he excitedly tells her.
‘Eh?’ she asks, still surprised from her grandson’s sudden appearance.
‘Se muriĆ³ Fidel!’ he repeats, as she throws off her blanket and gets up in shock.
It was a welcome wake-up call for Lorenzo, who Ramos said left her native country in 1974 to escape Castro’s regime of ‘oppression, discrimination, and mistreatment’.
‘I’ve never seen her get up so fast,’ Ramos told Buzzfeed.

The teen said his grandmother has been calling everyone she knows and is over the moon at the news.
‘She’s feeling great and won’t stop kissing me,’ he said.

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