The shale oil discovery is an astonishing find which should be leading the news, priceless benefit to Texas and the country.

Via Newsbusters:

Since Donald Trump’s election, environmental zealots have mostly had a very rough two weeks — and Donald Trump has had nothing to do with any of it.

Two developments they consider really bad (meaning good for the rest of us) far outweigh the single item they’re celebrating. First, in Wyoming, just two days after the election, their “fracking is bad” Exhibit A in Pavillion, Wyoming was completely discredited. Second, in Texas this week, a huge oil discovery was reported — so big and unprecedented that the only commenter at the Associated Press’s coverage of the story at the Washington Post wrote: “This … should be front-page news given its economic and geopolitical impact” — but of course it’s not.

Neither good-for-us, bad-for-them story is getting adequate press attention.

The one item the “keep it in the ground” crowd can celebrate as good news for them (and bad for the rest of us) is the Obama administration’s arbitrary and disgraceful Arctic offshore drilling ban. As Jazz Shaw at Hot Air wrote: “Barack Obama seems determined to leave some unpleasant going away presents for his successor on the domestic energy front.” Given that he didn’t think there would be any need to handicap his successor, it seems likely that Obama and his outgoing administration are just warming up.

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