John Podesta

Via Washington Examiner:

A liberal policy group founded by Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign chief on Monday slammed President-elect Trump’s transition, calling his Cabinet picks “several manifestly unsuited candidates,” raising questions about the roles of Trump’s children, and even suggesting that the Republican will spark a worldwide jump in abortions.

“The transition period for President-elect Trump has already been badly marred by confusion, poor personnel choices, and obvious conflict of interest. If President-elect Trump hopes to avoid further damage to U.S. national interest and standing in the world, it is incumbent upon him to clearly and unequivocally answer the many troubling questions now swirling around his administration’s conduct of international affairs,” said the Center for American Progress, founded by John Podesta.

The group, which wields immense influence in the Obama administration, issued 14 demands on the candidate who soundly defeated Clinton in the Electoral College. […]

And they even suggested Trump will increase worldwide abortions. “Join with his new U.S. Agency for International Development administrator to commit not to reinstate the Mexico City Policy on international family planning, a policy which has been demonstrated to both increase the number of abortions worldwide and deny millions of women essential and lifesaving health services,” said the 14th demand.