You can see this developing over social media. They want to cow him into not being able to hold a public ceremony outdoors because of potential threat.

Via Vocativ:

A collection of radical activists and anarchists pledge to put Washington D.C. in “total paralysis” when “The Donald” gets sworn in as president.

When Donald Trump is sworn in as president on January 20, there will protesters with signs and people marching in opposition to the newly elected president. But others are planning “direct action” activism that will leave Washington D.C. in “total paralysis,” according to an organizer of activists and anarchists who plan to create chaos across the capitol city in an attempt to disrupt the inauguration and mobilize people in the growing movement against Trump.

Since Trump’s election, a movement called DisruptJ20 has taken off online among activist groups, anarchists, and the anti-facist movement. The goal is to organize the groups and ideologies under a shared goal: disrupting Washington D.C. on inauguration day in protest of Trump’s presidency in any way they can.

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