Via Red Alert:

Donald Trump was officially elected on 11/9, however Democrats and liberals are treating Hillary Clinton’s loss like it’s 9/11.

It’s been well documented that college students haven’t taken the loss really well, yet it appears the epicenter of those hardest hit happen to be at Converse College, a women’s liberal arts institution in Spartansburg, South Carolina.

In addition to crying on campus, staging protests, setting up safe spaces, and professors pushing back exams, it’s now become frowned upon to challenge fragile liberals into thinking anything different.

According to the College Fix, one student claims she was kicked out of class for challenging her professor’s comparison of Trump’s election to the September 11th terrorist attacks. […]

The professor told the class that after the election they “haven’t felt this way since 9/11” and that 11/9 was the second worst day in American history. That spurred the student to engage the professor by saying it was disrespectful to the thousands of people who lost their lives and were injured on that horrific day in 2001.

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