CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — A woman live-streamed herself harassing police officers at an Iowa cafe on Nov. 6th, just days after two Des Moines officers were shot and killed while sitting in their squad cars.

In the video, the woman later identified as Melyssa Jo Kelly is standing in Brewhemia cafe and mentions the black band around the officer’s badge. A black band around a badge signifies mourning for officers who have lost a fellow officer in the line of duty.

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The case of the ‘man with the bullet in his neck’ is still being investigated, police have stated he was involved in an altercation with the officer prior to being shot.

Ms. Kelly mentions the prior case the officer was involved in, describing it as ‘shooting an unarmed black man’.

Here’s a picture of the ‘black man’ who was very armed and shot at the police before he was a killed.


But hey, facts are irrelevant when pitching an anti-police narrative…