Good guy with gun saves cop.

Via NBC:

A suspect is dead and a deputy is in the hospital after a shooting took place on I-75 near the Corkscrew Road exit, according to Lee County deputies.

Witnesses saw the whole thing happen. They tell us a deputy tried to pull over a man on I-75 near the Corkscrew Road exit.

The suspect took off in his vehicle reaching speeds up to 100 miles per hour. Eventually, the driver got out of his car and attacked a deputy. That’s when witnesses say a third person came over and shot the suspect.

“My husband was honking his horn to try and stop the guy to get some attention from him, and another guy with a blue shirt came out with a gun,” said Shanta Holditch.

Holditch described the scene that closed the Corkscrew Road exit for hours. It backed up traffic along I-75 for miles and left one person dead.

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