Sounded like Trump was thinking in that direction in his victory speech, when he praised Reince profusely, making point that Reince was helpful with organization on the ground.

Via Daily Mail:

President-elect Donald Trump is to name Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus as his chief of staff, according to sources.

The news is likely to bring dismay to certain quarters of Trump’s more anti-establishment support, while others will see the move as a conciliatory gesture to more moderate conservatives.

Priebus, who helped negotiate the ‘pledge’ about supporting the ultimate winner and who stood by Trump even as other powerful members of the establishment kept their distance, emerged as a leading choice immediately after the election.

Another leading candidate was Steven Bannon, the campaign CEO, former Goldman Sachs banker and chief of Breitbart News.

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Seems like he was trying to split the job to cover both ends.