We brought you this story yesterday, that desperate Democrats had started a petition to influence the Electors to change their votes from Trump to Clinton. Multiple celebrities were pushing it including Lady Gaga and Debra Messing.

But here’s the problem, besides being a pointless action. While some states have no penalties for ‘faithless electors’, those who would change their votes, others do. In 29 states including D.C., charging your vote is classed as a misdemeanor or worthy of a fine.

So the people behind the petition and those who sign on, are actually encouraging illegal action, even offering to pay for it, i.e. recompense the electors, for any penalty.

That in and of itself can be a misdemeanor.

Someone needs to inform all those who signed aboard for this waste of time that theoretically, they could be charged for solicitation.

Some also published the phone numbers of electors and are bombarding them with phone calls. Depending on the nature of that effort, that could also be viewed as encouraging or participating in a campaign of harassment.