Here’s an interesting email. Keep in mind that Eric Schmidt is the CEO of Google.


So Robby Mook is trying to get Mikey Dickerson to oversee the ‘Secret Eric Schmidt project’ but Dickerson is worried about ‘how legit it is’.

Who is Mikey Dickerson and what IT effort were they trying to have him oversee that’s so important they’re willing to promise him a position for doing it?

Dickerson was working for Google when this email went out June 24, 2014.

While with Google, he was a member of the team assembled by the White House to repair the web site after the launch disaster.

Previously he worked for 5 months for the data team for the Obama campaign in 2012.

We don’t know what the ‘questionable legitimacy’ project was but apparently Dickerson did it, because two months after the email in August 2014, Dickerson had a brand new position with the White House as Administrator of the brand new ‘U.S. Digital Service’.

Here he is talking about it.

What did they want this frumpled Google IT guy to do with/to Eric Schmidt?

What was Eric Schmidt doing at the time?

4 days after the email went out, Schmidt made a secret trip to Cuba, when trips to Cuba were still forbidden, allegedly to promote internet freedom.

Schmidt was also involved at the time in funding an IT project, The Groundwork, to help Hillary get elected. That would seem the most likely fit. But if that’s it, it didn’t end up being run by Dickerson, but by another person out of the Obama 2012 data team. It also isn’t clear what would be ‘not legit’ about that, except perhaps if Schmidt were donating too much to the Clinton campaign.