DEM 2016 Clinton

The war within.

Via NBC News:

Tested by a yet another scandal just over a week from Election Day, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is mustering its allies to go on the offensive against FBI Director James Comey while trying to stoke supporters to action in defiance of what officials hope will be final hurdle of the campaign.

Still, the latest flare-up in the self-inflicted email scandal launched fresh groans of frustration and some pangs of dread from other Democrats, who are nonetheless presenting a united front with Clinton.

But going all in against the director of the FBI is precarious — especially after Democrats praised his integrity after he initially cleared Clinton in July.

With so few voters remaining undecided, and reaction falling along predictable partisan lines, the Clinton team expects few minds will be changed after Friday’s bombshell that Comey is tasking agents to read newly discovered emails as part of their investigation to whether Clinton mishandled classified information by using a private email server as secretary of state.

In fact, Clinton’s top brass claims Comey’s move, which they feel was unfair, has spurred supporters to action.

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