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Via Business Insider:

Wildly conflicting reports have emerged over the last 24 hours about what new information the FBI may have found, after the agency announced that it was revisiting the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server upon finding new emails amid an investigation into former Rep. Anthony Wiener.

There’s no clear consensus as of yet whether the emails were sent by Clinton herself, to Clinton, whether they were from her private server, or even whether any of the emails were new.

Here’s a breakdown of what has been reported thus far:

Los Angeles Times : “The emails were not to or from Clinton, and contained information that appeared to be more of what agents had already uncovered, the official said, but in an abundance of caution, they felt they needed to further scrutinize them.”

The Washington Post: “The correspondence included emails between Abedin and Clinton, according to a law enforcement official.”

CNN: “The emails in question were sent or received by Abedin, according to a law enforcement official.”

The New York Times: “Senior law enforcement officials said that it was unclear if any of the emails were from Mrs. Clinton’s private server.”

ABC News: “These emails were not sent by Hillary Clinton, and the FBI has no evidence of wrongdoing by her, according to a source familiar with the investigation.”

The Wall Street Journal: “Many of the emails were discovered on a laptop used by both Ms. Abedin and Mr. Weiner, according to people familiar with the matter. In searching the laptop, investigators found thousands of emails, and they determined earlier this week that some of the emails involved Ms. Abedin discussing work issues.”

FBI director James Comey said in a letter to Congress that he could “not yet assess whether or not this material may be significant.”

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