Not a day over 18.

Via The Daily Mail:

A poster mocking the age of child migrants coming to Britain has caused fury after being put up in a kitchen for MPs in Parliament.

Labour’s shadow minister for Industrial Strategy, Chi Onwurah, tweeted the image with the text: ‘Just £3 from you could clothe and feed his 12yr old Syrian child for a week’.

But instead of showing a Syrian child, the poster contains an elderly man in a headscarf.

Ms Onwurah, who represents Newcastle Central, said that someone had put it up deliberately in a kitchen serving 12 MPs and their staff.

It came as the row over whether all the migrants entering the UK from Calais are all under 18 after one was found to be an adult.

Explaining what happened the MP said: ‘It was spotted sellotaped above a sink so it was not by accident. I thought it was really upsetting. It shouldn’t have a place in Parliament’.

The kitchen serves MPs from Labour, the SNP and the Tories.[…]

Suspiciously mature-looking child migrants are among the 50 or so who have arrived this week.

Ministers dismissed the demands, claiming checks were ‘inaccurate, inappropriate and unethical’.

But last week it was revealed that UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), the Home Office agency responsible for asylum claims, already accepts dental checks as proof of age, if provided by the migrant.

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