The science is pretty simple. Raise boys as boys and girls as girls and they’ll probably turn out to be as they were born.

Via Independent (UK):

A seven-year-old boy who was “living life entirely as a girl” has been removed from his mother’s care following a ruling by a High Court judge.

Mr Justice Hayden said the woman had caused her son “significant emotional harm” – and he criticised local authority social services staff responsible for the youngster’s welfare.

The judge said the woman had been “absolutely convinced” the youngster “perceived himself as a girl” and was determined that he should be a girl.

He said the boy was now living with his father, who is separated from the woman. The youngster still saw his mother.

Mr Justice Hayden said “flares of concern” had been sent from a “whole raft of multi-disciplinary agencies” – and he said he could not understand why so many concerns were “disregarded so summarily” by social services staff.

The judge said social services staff had “moved into wholesale acceptance that (the boy) should be regarded as a girl”.

“(His mother) told me that (he) was ‘living in stealth’ by which was meant, she explained, that he was living life entirely as a girl,” said Mr Justice Hayden. “He dressed, at all times, like a girl and, it transpired, had been registered at a new general practitioner’s as a girl.”

The judge added: “I was also left in no doubt that (the mother) was absolutely convinced that (the boy) perceived himself as a girl.”

Mr Justice Hayden said his “overwhelming impression” was that the woman “believes herself to be to fighting for (her son’s) right to express himself as a girl”. He said the woman had told him how the boy “expressed disdain for his penis”.

The judge added: “I consider that (the mother) has caused significant emotional harm to (her son) in her active determination that he should be a girl.” Mr Justice Hayden said the boy had settled well in the care of his father – and his father’s partner.

“I have been told that (the father) and his partner were shocked when they first saw (the boy) by the extent to which he appeared to be a girl, both in appearance and in mannerism,” said the judge. However, what is striking is how well (the boy) has settled down.”
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