Friday while the net is under DDOS attack, perfect time to slip these out. These are ones that she didn’t turn over, so remember that’s ‘classified’ yoga routines and Chelsea’s wedding into…

Via Washington Times:

The State Department released another batch of emails from former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s secret email server Friday and at least one of them is a new message not released before, but which contains sensitive classified information.

The Jan. 26, 2010, message was sent by top personal aide Huma Abedin to Mrs. Clinton relaying a conversation someone named “Jeff” had with the foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates.

All of the information is redacted in the message, and is classified as “confidential” — the lowest level of secrecy. It was flagged because it containts information gleaned from foreign sources and about U.S. foreign policy operations.

“There is one new document that has been upgraded to confidential,” the department acknowledged in a statement.

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