Body cams saved the day.


Police say just after midnight on October 15th, they were called to the 100 block of East Courtableau in reference to a hit-and-run. The person who called 911 said the person was driving recklessly, spinning tires, lost control, struck a tree, a parked vehicle, and a trailer then drove off.

Officers found the vehicle at a nearby home. They said Lybeth Hardy and her 15-year-old son answered the door, but they started cursing at officers telling them to get off the property. They reportedly refused to answer questions and wouldn’t allow them to speak with the owner of the vehicle, Hardy’s husband, because he was allegedly sleeping.

Hardy says it was the officers who were cussing and being overly aggressive. Lybeth Hardy said, “Y’all would have seen how aggressive they were they came to the door cussing and hollering with no respect no tone of respect in their voice and Deon is going to say he was proud of his officers. I don’t know how you take pride in that.”

Police say Hardy told them she was in the vehicle with her kids, but she wouldn’t say who was driving. At the same time, about a dozen people had gathered from around the neighborhood as police say the teenager continued to curse and threaten officers. Police indicated that others from the neighborhood began approaching officers in an aggressive manner as well.

Port Barre Police Chief Deon Boudreaux said, “The problem it starts at home. If people would raise their children right to respect authority whether it be school teachers police officers. Whoever it may be but when the parents are doing the same thing the kids are going to follow suit with what the parents do.”

The officers say they tried to arrest Hardy, but the crowd, consisting of adults, teenagers, and younger children, started screaming and yelling at the police and approached in a quick and aggressive manner. Officers say they began to use pepper spray to defend themselves from the crowd.

At this time, police say Hardy’s 15-year-old son picked up a large fishing pole and struck an officer in the head, knocking him to the ground, and continued to strike the officer. The 15-year-old reportedly dropped the fishing pole and ran after the officer pulled out his gun and aimed it at the teen because he said he feared for his life.

Chief Boudreaux said, “This right here in the little town of Port Barre could have very well been the next Ferguson or Baltimore where a man got killed in his action against police officers.”

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