Love this guy…

(Fox News)– Rep. Peter King plans to use his new bully pulpit to target immigration.

The New York congressman, who will become the new chairman of the House Homeland Security next week, told the New York Post that he will push for legislation to tighter border security and arrest more immigrants crossing the border illegally.

He said President Obama’s immigration policies were failing.

“The Obama administration continues to display an obvious lack of urgency when it comes to gaining operational control of the border, which is absolutely critical,” King (R-LI) told the newspaper.

King said Obama has “done little” during his term to curb undocumented immigration, adding that the country needs a new game plan “that incorporates the necessary staffing, fencing and technology to do the job.”

His proposals will target private companies that employ undocumented immigrants and beefing up local police to give them free range to make immigration arrests.