Says the doofus who got his passwords emailed to him. Spreading a little more of that Clinton love…

Via Daily Caller:

Hillary Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta called Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders a “doofus” in an email of his that wound up on WikiLeaks as a result of a hack of his online communications.

According to an email with the subject header “Congratulations on Paris” started by Clinton 2008 campaign adviser and Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden on December 13, 2015, Podesta took a shot at Sanders.

“I know it wouldn’t have happened w o the china deal. My children and their future children thank you,” Tanden wrote to Podesta in reference to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris where a climate change agreement among 195 nations had just taken place a day earlier.

Podesta replied, “Thanks Neera. Can you believe that doofus Bernie attacked it? Ben happy?”

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