Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine

Question for comments section – Is Tim Kaine animal, vegetable or mineral?

Via Fox News:

A list of possible running mates for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to choose from was divided into “food groups” by the candidates’ race, gender and other attributes, according to an email revealed Tuesday by WikiLeaks.

The list of 38 names, including tech leaders like Apple CEO Tim Cook and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, was sent to Clinton by Campaign Chairman John Podesta on March 17. The email was part of a trove of 50,000 purported messages stolen from Podesta’s Gmail account.

The email was sent on the heels of Clinton’s sweep of five primaries – in Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina and Florida – on March 15. Clinton’s big night followed an upset loss in Michigan to Sen. Bernie Sanders earlier in the month.

“Ok, I can breathe again! Congrats on a fabulous night,” Podesta wrote at the outset of the email. “I am feeling like it’s possible to get back to the longer term again.”

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