Need a safe space.

Via Huffington Post:

It began as a pain in my stomach; not the sharp, grueling kind, but that feeling of uneasiness that knots up your insides.

I had been sitting on a plane, trying to squeeze in a few more minutes on the Internet before the flight attendant asked me, for the third time, to turn off my phone before takeoff. It was a Friday afternoon, 33 days before the presidential election, and I was heading to New Orleans to visit my family for the weekend. I wanted to try to take my mind off this presidential race, even for just a few days.

An article popped up on my Twitter feed touting newly surfaced audio from 2005 that revealed Donald Trump having a “lewd conversation” about women. I plugged in my headphones. “When you’re a star…you can do anything” to women, the man who is now the Republican presidential nominee bragged. “Grab them by the pussy.”

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