Just call them the Cleveland ‘Whatevers”…

Via LA Times:

The Toronto Blue Jays will be hosting Game 3 of the American League Championship Series on Monday evening against … well, we’ll find out earlier in the day what exactly to call the baseball team from Cleveland.

Indigenous activist Douglas Cardinal, an officer of the Order of Canada, has filed legal applications in Ontario to prevent the Cleveland Indians from using their team name and logo — a cartoon man with red skin named Chief Wahoo — while playing in Toronto.

Cardinal is asking the Ontario Superior Court to rule that the Cleveland team be referred to during broadcasts only as, well, “the Cleveland team.”

Also, Cardinal does not want the team to wear its regular jerseys because of the logo, which he says shouldn’t be broadcast at all. He is seeking an injunction against the Indians, Major League Baseball and Rogers Communications, which is broadcasting the ALCS and also owns the Blue Jays and the stadium they play in, the Rogers Centre.

Rogers Communications spokesman Aaron Lazarus said in a statement that it would be “virtually impossible” to broadcast the game without showing the Indians’ name or logo “on the field, in the stands and in the stadium.”

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