Via Fox News:

Hillary Clinton and her closest aides produced a gameplan to respond to questions about Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual misconduct and Hillary Clinton’s treatment of her husband’s accusers nine months before Donald Trump made the issue a prominent topic in the presidential race, according to newly published emails from WikiLeaks.

The emails, purportedly hacked from Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s account, reveal the questions Clinton’s team expected her to face about the women who’ve accused her former president husband of sexual assault and rape – and the optimal way to present her answers. The most extensive information was contained in a 157-page debate prep book attached to a March email from Campaign Manager Robby Mook. At the time, Clinton, now the Democratic presidential nominee, was locked in a tight primary battle with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The prep book was divided into three sections — personal/political, domestic and foreign policy — and 58 topics, ranging from “Can the American people trust you?” to “Should we call this ‘Islamic terrorism?’”

Topic 14 was “WJC: What do you say to the women making accusations?” Specifically, the question asked if Hillary Clinton’s actions helping her husband “cast doubt on these women’s stories” was “in line with feminism.”

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