In July we brought you this story of a DNC plot to create fake Craigslist job post smearing Trump.

Democratic National Committee emails released by WikiLeaks reveal a DNC plot to create a fake Craigslist post advertising a nightmarish-sounding job working for one of Donald Trump’s organizations.

The post appears intended to portray Trump as a misogynist who sexually harasses his female employees.

DNC staffer Christina Freundlich sent an email on May 18 to DNC press secretary Mark Paustenbach and communications director Luis Miranda seeking approval for the fake post.

Here’s the full email. What makes it remarkable now seems to be the prescient nature of the ‘qualifications’.


Note the “public humiliation and open-press workouts if you do gain weight on the job” which seems exactly to describe the way they would later describe Alicia Machado.

This: “he may greet you with a kiss on the lips or grope you under the meeting table”. Kiss on the lips and groping didn’t become a ‘thing’ until after the video dropped and after Anderson Cooper pressed Trump at the debate to deny it. Then suddenly women supposedly moved by his denial suddenly came forward.

If this wasn’t something the DNC was plotting, why did they put in those specific items? And how did they know in May about these women who were supposedly just moved by Anderson Cooper’s question in October?