Virtually no media coverage of this.

Via Daily Camera:

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary at Nederland’s Caribou Ridge Shopping Center on Wednesday afternoon — at least on the surface — but residents remained on edge after someone left a homemade bomb outside of the police department the day before.

“I don’t think anyone is going to take a breath until someone is in custody,” said Jeffrey Green, owner of the Very Nice Brewing Company.

Green was tending bar on Wednesday afternoon, about 13 hours after the Boulder County Bomb Squad detonated the bomb about 100 feet away from his front door after using two robots to examine it for more than 12 hours.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation — which is leading the investigation — has determined that the bomb, which was found inside a backpack, was active but failed to detonate.

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Happened Tuesday morning. They knew it was a bomb then. Still no national news only local and Denver news.

Police initially thought it was lost property, so they brought it inside the police station.

The bomb was detonated around 1:30 am Wednesday morning in a parking lot.

Today, man came forward, allegedly to offer information on the bomb. Police are now searching his vehicle.


The FBI is conducting a “precautionary sweep” this morning of the vehicle of a person who has come forward to sheriff’s officials in Boulder claiming to have information about the homemade bomb planted in Nederland on Tuesday.

FBI spokeswoman Deborah Sherman said a tan SUV parked outside the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office at 5600 Flatiron Parkway in Boulder belongs to a person who came to the department saying he or she had information about the improvised explosive device.

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