Yeah, no.

Via Express:

SOCIAL media users have been sharing this black activist’s response during a live heated debate as he defended a 10-year-old American girl’s decision to kneel during the pledge of allegiance.

During a discussion on the Fox News FaceOff show, Quanell X, the leader of the New Black Panther Party in Houston, was discussing the issue of Skyla Madria with white radio host Matt Patrick.

The young Texan sparked controversy earlier this month when she kneeled during the pledge at Alexander Middle School in Pearland.

Questioning X’s defence of the child as the debate became more heated, Patrick asked: “Why don’t you move to a different country? Why are you staying here if you don’t like it?”

X replied: “We have fought in America’s wars and we’ve never been given the justice and the due process of everybody else in this nation.”

“The country belongs to Indians [Native Americans], you white folks stole it from them. You all need to go home, you all need to go back where you came from.

“Let the Indians decide who should go and I guarantee you black folks will stay and you’ll all be on the first damn boat leaving here.”