Always vet and double-check your sources. ‘Christian Times Newspaper’ puts out clickbait stories that have no basis in fact.


A post making the rounds on the internet claims a Columbus man found sealed ballot boxes filled with thousands of votes for the upcoming November election, and election officials are trying to figure it out. But the Franklin County Board of Elections says none of it is true.

The claims from a site called Christian Times Newspaper are going viral in some circles. They claim the ballots were all votes for Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates. They say Randall Prince, an electrical worker, found the boxes while inspecting a dilapidated warehouse, and include a photo claiming to be of the man with the boxes.

That photo actually first appeared in a November 2015 online article from the Birmingham Post in Birmingham, England. It is altered in the Christian Times post. The Franklin County Board of Elections says it immediately began an investigation to find out where the claims in the article were coming from, and that’s when they found the original article and photo.

In a statement, the Board of Elections said, “the only ballots that have been printed and mailed are for military and citizens living outside the United States.” The board says it hasn’t mailed a single ballot to anyone living in Franklin County, or to any Franklin County voters who may have requested a ballot be sent to another address in the U.S.

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