We will be doing a blow-by blow account, as we traditionally do at debates. Comments made by me will be in [ ]. Otherwise it will be designated T for Trump and C for Clinton.

Let the rumble begin!
Fair to say, he won.

Will you support the outcome of this election? [huh? what is this question?]
C: yes
T: I want to Make America great again. yes.

Nuclear weapons:

T: Russia has been expanding they have newer capability then we do [which is a problem because Russia keeps moving all over the world] I would not do first strike. But we have to be prepared. North Korea. China should control North Korea. Iran has power over North Korea [you should say North Korea has nuclear because of deal lost by Bill Clinton]. 1.7 Billion given to Iran, seemingly for hostages. It will lead to nuclear problems.
C: Words matter [so why do you lie all the time?] It is essential that America’s word be good. I want to reassure our allies. [lid on the Iranian nuclear program? Like in North Korea?] I intend to be a leader that people can count on [yeah that’s worked so well].
T: It’s getting tougher to defeat ISIS and Hillary could have defeated them in infancy.
We cannot be policeman of world. All of these things could have been taken care of in last ten years.
Lester: You said she doesn’t look like a president.
T: I don’t believe she has the stamina.
C: As soon as he spends 11 hours testifying in front of Congressional committee.
T: she has experience, but it’s bad experience. This country can’t afford it.
C: This is a man who has called women pigs and dogs.
T: She’s spent hundreds of million attacking me and I’m either winning or tied.

Cyber attacks [sounds like some of these were picked to allow attacks of Trump]
C: Russian cyber attacks. Putin is playing a long game here. To hack into DNC, to wreak havoc. We are not going to permit them to go after info [but you did, you even left classified doc in a Russian hotel room] I was so shocked when Donald invited Russia to hack us [he didn’t].
T: [talk about her lack of security] endorse by military, ICE. I’ll take them over political hacks and the mess they have created. It could have been Russia, China. But what did we learn with the DNC hack? We learned that Bernie was taken advantage of by your people. Under Obama we have lost control of things we used to have control of.
C: [she’s starting to sound hoarse] I helped take out Bin Laden and we need to take out leadership. [but you haven’t with ISIS]
Lester: how would you prevent homegrown terrorists.
T; First ISIS was formed if Obama and Hillary hadn’t left a vacuum. We should have taken the oil. Because the oil was there primary source of income. Now have it in Libya too.
C: Donald supported invasion of Iraq, and supported actions in Libya [he did not support invasion in Libya] Bush made the agreement to when leave Iraq. [yes and Obama didn’t do the things he could have done to amend it] I was proud of law enforcement and they caught the Rahami. WE have to work more closely with our allies. We’re working with NATO to turn our attention to this. Donald has insulted Muslims when we need to be cooperating with them to get information. They need to not be pushed away.
T: We’ve been working with them and we’re in a mess. You started the Iran deal and that’s a real mess. What do you think of NATO? 28 countries aren’t paying their fair share.
They do not focus on terror. Now they just said they would. I’m all for NATO but they have to focus on terror as well. And it’s largely because of my criticism. WE have to knock the hell out of ISIS, and created the hole created by Obama and Clinton. You were there when it was a little infant and now it’s in over 30 countries. I was against the war in Iraq. It destabilized the area. I have better judgement and better temperament.
C: Wooh. Ok. Let’s talk about NATO. Article 5 and attack on one is an attack on all. Only time it’s ever been invoked was after 9/11 something they still are doing by our side in Afghanistan. I voted for every sanction against Iran. We did drive them to the negotiating table. We did get a lid on nuclear without firing a shot [really, you did nothing]. Donald has said that he doesn’t care if other countries get nuclear weapons (Trump: lies). That’s the number one threat in the world [I don’t think so] The man who can be provoked by a tweet should not be President.
T: Nuclear is the single greatest threat, not global warming as you and President think. Many are not paying their fair share. They have to help out.

Race: How do you heal the divide.

C: Race remains a significant challenge. It determines too much, education, how people are treated in criminal justice system. WE just saw those two tragic examples in Tulsa and Charlotte. Everyone should be respected by the law and respect the law. I’ve called for criminal justice reform. We have to bring communities together. We have to get guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. gun epidemic is leading cause of death for young african american men.
T: Sec Clinton doesn’t want to use 2 words: law and order. Just got endorsement of FOP. And a lot of police groups. African Americans and Hispanics living in hell, thousands of shooting in Chicago. Where thousands have been killed Chicago, we have to bring back law and order. Stop and frisk worked well in NY, you take the gun away from the criminal. African American communities are being decimate. You have to have better community relations.
Lester: Stop and frisk ruled unconstitutional
T: we have to take guns away from felons. We need law and order in the inner cities because the people most affected are African Americans and Hispanics.
C: He paints such a dire picture of black communities [he didn’t say that] Stop and Frisk was found to be unconstitutional. Too many young black and latino ended up in prison, more likely than white. We have to address the systemic racism. We have to come forward with a plan that will divert from the criminal justice system. common sense gun ‘safety’ We need to pass anyone on terrorist watch list shouldn’t have.
Lester: Are police implicitly biased against black people.
C; I don’t think it’s just police. We would put money in budget to train police against ‘implicit bias’ [oh geez that’s all we need!]
T: I agree with no fly list [ no, you shouldn’t, that’s unconstitutional] I’m talking about taking guns away from gangs the criminals who used them. Stop and Frisk had a great impact.
C: (concedes effectiveness of Giuliani) No one should disagree of respecting the rights of the young men in those neighborhoods.
T: AA community has been let down by politicians has been so badly used by Dems. I’ve been everywhere and you decided to stay home. And they’re very upset.
C; I prepared for this debate. And I’m prepared to be president.
T: Sidney Blumenthal and Patty Doyle spread this story of Obama not being born here. She failed to get the birth certificate. I’m satisfied with getting it, because I want to get on with defeating ISIS, and helping country.
Lester: you continued to press it after 2011.
T: I got him to produce it, and I think I did a good job. Hillary started it. I think I’ve developed great relationships with the African American community.
C: Just listen to what you heard. It can’t be dismissed that easily. He started his political activity with this racist lie [which you started]. He started his career without for racial discrimination by Justice Dept. So he has a long record of engaging in racist behavior. Barack Obama is a man of great dignity [hahahahaha], and I could tell how much this was bothering him [but you started it]
T: You treated Obama with great disrespect and sent out a pic of him in a certain garb. As far as the DOJ lawsuits. We settled without any finding of guilt.

T: I’m calling for jobs. I’m getting rid of the carried tax provision. That’s great for small business.
C: I’m going to be blamed for everything. I’ve looked at your plan and I don’t see what you’re talking about. Trickle down didn’t work [fact check: that’s not what it’s called, and it did] making college debt free [how are you going to pay for that]. Not more advantages at the very top.
T: Typical politician, nothing she says is ever going to happen. WE have the worst ‘revival’. We are in a big fat ugly bubble. And we have a Fed that’s doing a political thing, that’s keeping interest rates low. And we’re going to see horrible things happen when that has to come up.
Lester: You haven’t released your tax returns, don’t Americans have right to know?
T: I will release once audit is done. But you can look at the financial disclosure I have already filed 100+ pages. [good response] I will release them against my lawyer’s advice if she releases her emails. (cheers from audience)
C: For 39 years, every candidate has released the returns. I think there are a couple of reasons. Maybe he’s not as rich. Maybe he’s not as charitable. He owes about 650 million to Wall sTreet. Or maybe he hasn’t paid anything. Must be something terrible he’s trying to hide. American people deserve to see. And there’s something he’s hiding. What are those conflicts? Who does he owe?
Lester: Emails?
C: I made a mistake. I take responsibility for that.
T; It was more than a mistake. It was done purposely. Your staff taking the fifth. I’ll give you the list of banks I owe. But it’s about time this country had someone running it that knows something about money. Airports are horrible and we owe 20 trillion. We don’t have money
C: Maybe because you haven’t paid any taxes. Maybe we should talk about your business. I’ve met a lot of people who have been stiffed by your business [she’s really trying to antagonize him]
Do the thousands of people you have stiffed owe ann apology, I’m glad my father didn’t do business with you. You’ve taken business bankruptcy 6 times. [don’t sniff]

Achieving prosperity.
Q; Central to this is jobs. Income inequality is significant, many living pay check to pay check. Why are you better able than your opponent to deal with this?
C: Question is what kind of economy we will build. I want us to invest in you. Most will come from small business. We also have to make economy fairer. That means raise minimum wage. Equal pay for women. Sharing in profits. Do more to balancing family and work. Paid family leave affordable childcare, paid leave. Close loopholes. [sounds like she had the question and prepared for it ahead of time.
T: [China. Drink] Our jobs are being lost to Mexico and China. U.S. not so much. Ford is leaving. We can’t allow it to happen. As far as childcare, Hillary and I probably agree on that mostly, maybe vary a bit. But we have to stop companies from leaving. Under my plan, I’ll be reducing taxes for companies, it’s going to be a job created like we haven’t seen since Ronald Reagan.
C: Trade is important. But we also have to have a tax situation that rewards work. It would be “Trumped up trickle down”. He really believes the more you help wealthy people the better we’ll be. He got 14 million to start from his father [she’s trying to bait him to anger here].
T: First, got small loan from father and built it into billions and that’s what we need to do in this country. [good response, didn’t bite into trap] When she started talking about this, she’s been in politics for 30 years and they haven’t addressed it. they’re looking at it now because we created a movement.
Lester: But how do you bring the jobs back?
T: Don’t let them leave [he mentioned reducing biz tax before].
C: Let’s remember where we were 8 years ago. That was because of reducing taxes on the wealthy, Donald benefitted from this. [she’s trying to bait him again, don’t bite]. His tax plan would blow up the debt and cost 3 1/2 million jobs. We will bring 10 million more jobs. Donald thinks that climate change is a hoax. We can build clean energy, that’s a lot of jobs.
T: She talks about solar panels, and they lost a lot on that. You can’t do what you’re looking to do with 20 trillion in debt. You’ve been doing this for 30 years and you’re just thinking about this now.
C: Well not that long.
T: Bill Clinton approved NAFTA and that was one of worst for this country.
C: We increased global exports to China while I was Sec Of State.
T: You will see the devastation of NAFTA in battleground states. TPP will be almost as bad.
C: I was against it.
T: You called it the gold standard [he’s right, she did].
C: You live it in your own reality.
T: Is it President Obama’s fault? You are going to input one of the biggest tax increases and regulations out of existence, and that is going to drive businesses out. You will have regulations upon regulations. I’m going to cut taxes big league and you’re going to increase them.
C: I wouldn’t add a penny to the debt [but you did under Obama].


Here are the drinking rules:

Any question this is going to be a battle?

It’s a battle and we’re not even to the start yet with the candidates! Warning for language…