Good luck with that.

NEW YORK — President Obama is approaching the final weeks of the presidential campaign with an intense sense of urgency and concern amid a growing realization that the election could be determined by the narrowest of margins.

Earlier this year, Obama seemed to regard the defeat of GOP nominee Donald Trump as a near inevitability, but in recent days the president has changed his tone.

His recent warnings to Democrats that Hillary Clinton could lose reflects his understanding that he needs to be personally involved in mobilizing voters in some demographic groups in which he remains more popular than the party’s nominee — including African Americans and young people, according to several Obama aides and outside advisers.

Even though the electoral-college map appears to favor Democrats, strong turnout among minority and young voters in key battleground states is seen as essential to a Clinton victory.

“Preference is one thing, presence is another,” said former White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer

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