If you need a good laugh, this is the funniest thing you’ll see all day. The assistant professor actually admits to sucking her thumb for 20 years.

Via Daily Caller:

An adviser and an assistant professor at the University of Houston showed support for providing students with an emotional first aid kit that would contain a baby blanket and candy among other things.

Their backing of the emotional first aid kit is revealed in a Project Veritas video first obtained by The Daily Caller. James O’Keefe went undercover in late August as a member of the “99.9 percent” group and spoke to University of Houston psychology department advisor Bobbie Sue Schindler.

“The stress of school gets to them. Like a bad grade, a missed class, being late, a microaggression, uhh whatever,” Schindler said to O’Keefe about the emotional distress University of Houston students face.

Schindler expressed a liberal point of view when talking to O’Keefe and bemoaned that in her philosophy department there were “a bunch of white dudes running white dude things.” She was also disgusted at the idea of Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos coming to campus and agreed that people like him should be banned.

“So, like if you need help actually putting together the kits I would come help you guys,” Schindler said to O’Keefe.

This emotional first aid kit ended up containing a baby blanket, chocolates, a plush kitten, a bag containing the smell of lavender, ear plugs, a genderless pastel teddy bear, hand written notes, and a pacifier. Schindler did think students would take the pacifier the wrong way and instead said they could suggest students suck on their thumb instead.

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