Yeah, no.

Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper claimed that progressing Earth warming is a driver of global terrorism, warning that it will keep fueling instability worldwide long after the most notorious contemporary extremist group, Daesh (also known as the Islamic state/ISIL) is defeated.

Speaking about global threats on intelligence summit in Washington, Clapper explained that decrease in the resources like food and water caused by climate change will lead to mounting socio-economical tensions worldwide with people resorting to arms to get crucial life supplies. This would put additional pressure on governments, which will have to struggle to control national borders, respond to inner and outer threats.

“I think climate change is going to be an underpinning for a lot of national security issues,” he said.

The climate change consequences will lead to “the cycle of extremism [to] continue for the foreseeable future,” Clapper said, adding that when Daesh is crushed, new terrorist groups will keep emerging.
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