It’s for the children.

Via Fox 19:

Black Lives Matter of Cincinnati will be part of the “CPD out of CPS Campaign” this weekend to scrap all police from all Cincinnati Public Schools.

“We believe schools…, especially for people of color and poor neighborhoods, resemble more of a prison then places of education,” said Mario Martone, who is a member of the group. Martone said the group is also against “Zero Tolerance” policies.

“The CPD out of CPS Campaign is presenting a teach-in on the school-to-prison pipeline,” a local Black Lives Matter chapter’s Facebook call-to-action read. “We believe schools should be a place of liberation geared toward disrupting the status quo rather than an engine for maintaining it.”

BLM’s event to call for the removal of officers from schools will be held 3-6 p.m. Saturday at Beloved Community Church, 3846 Montgomery Rd.

Police often serve as a security force in schools that have issues with violence and other crime.[…]

Sgt. Dan Hils who is president of the Fraternal Order of Police for Cincinnati Police gave a strong response.

He said, “Black Lives Matters again show they don’t really care about black lives, they care about political noise and agendas.”

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