Because ultimately if you truly want improvement, you can’t stay in the leftist bubble which seeks just to exploit issues for the purpose of political agenda and chaos. That is the ultimate point behind BLM. That’s the same issue that caused Darren Seals to criticize them.

Via Daily Caller:

The leader of Black Lives Matter St. Paul announced he was leaving the movement because BLM has been “hijacked.”

Rashad Turner, who previously ran for a Minnesota state representative position, left Black Lives Matter because of its call for a temporary ban on charter schools, reports the 74 Million.

“For me, it was a question of integrity,” Turner said, according to the 74 Million. “Being that I am all for charter schools and ed reform, and as someone who is seeking educational justice for students and families, I could no longer be under that banner of Black Lives Matter.”

The Movement for Black Lives, a larger group that includes Black Lives Matter, issued a platform that spoke out against charter schools.

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