We reported two days ago on the murder of Ferguson activist Darren Seals, known as ‘King D Seals’ on social media. He had been shot in the chest and left in a burnt car.

Some in media termed him ‘Black Lives Matter’ and/or quoted DeRay McKesson or other BLM folks’ reaction to his death. But in doing so they failed to really understand what he was about. And even now those same people are trying to exploit him in death as they did his work in life, trying to blame the police for his death.

Seals frequently called out Black Lives Matter and outside groups for exploiting the situation in Ferguson and making money off of it.

He was a particularly harsh critic of DeRay McKesson, who he referred to as an ‘ACTORvist’, perhaps the most well-known member of the outside ‘Black Lives Matter general movement’.

Seals actually had spoken of ‘bitch slapping’ McKesson, something he alludes to in this tweet:


That encounter earned him enmity and threats from some BLM folk, including Brittany Ferrell, who spoke of not being able to wait for the day when they could ‘drag his ass in the street’.

He was also threatened here.

Seals was critical of BLM because he felt they didn’t value strong black men, fathers or families, that the movement that he and other local Ferguson folks had started had been hijacked by outsiders with other agendas, like LGBT or Palestine.

In that, he had hit upon the essential truth behind ‘Black Lives Matter’ which still carried many of the same people from Occupy and many of the same funding sources, like George Soros and others. That it was about exploitation of the black life, something that we have frequently written about here, to further someone else’s political agenda. And Seals saw the involvement of Soros, the Democrats and others to it as well.

He was very different from BLM, who wanted to continue to perpetuate the chaos, and move from one case to the next, he actually wanted to help the young people of Ferguson and change the prospects of this happening to another ‘Mike Brown’. In addition to his 12 hour shifts at General Motors on the assembly line, he held a Thanksgiving dinner for low-income families and handed out Christmas gifts to underprivileged children. He questioned fealty to Democrats, even voting for a Republican for county executive, as we noted back in 2014.

He had also been working on the ‘following the money’ he felt the BLM folks had walked off with which hadn’t gone to the people of Ferguson. In the following video, Nyota Uhura, who worked with Seals, noted how she had been threatened for saying some of these same things. She also notes that Seals had received the brunt of attacks.

Listen to the video which is a fascinating deep dive into the history of the ‘hijack’ by the BLM starting at 10:20, and around 23:00, Uhura mentions Seals and his efforts. One of the last things that Seals tweeted before he was killed was this video.