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Justin Cooper was an aide to Bill Clinton who had the first private email server installed at their home in Chappaqua. He had admin access to the server and was the ‘customer face’ dealing with complaint issues.

Hillary Clinton famously claimed that she used her private email for Government business as Secretary of State “for convenience” so that she wouldn’t have to carry multiple devices. Leaving aside of course that a second email wouldn’t require a second device, Justin Cooper seems to dispute this in his interview with the FBI, noting that she carried both a flip phone and a Blackberry, two devices.

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While he said that, notice also that Hillary Clinton said she ‘didn’t recall’ using the flip phone and Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills were ‘unaware’ of Hillary ever using anything other than a Blackberry.

We put paid to both Abedin and Mills, we found the above picture of Hillary using the flip phone above. Here’s another:
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