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Very important not to let it go, as Obama wants.

Via Conservative Review:

Both houses of Congress are out of session for another week and time is rapidly running out for lawmakers to save the internet.

When Congress comes back into session next Tuesday, it will only have a few short weeks to accomplish one of the most important tasks before it: ensuring that control of the internet does not fall into the hands of those who would actively censor it to the detriment of free speech and American interests.

On Sept. 30, the United States is poised to hand over control of the internet to the United Nations, following a years-long push by the Obama administration, after the Department of Commerce sub-administration signed off on the final plans to hand over control of the process on Aug. 16.

If the handoff goes through, the U.S. will no longer have controlling power over its own invention. This leaves Congress with just a month to block the effort, as they have in previous sessions.

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